:.. Núcleo de Yoga - Americana e Vinhedo..:


    Today, with two locations, Vinhedo and Americana, we are able to keep the same essence, the same spirit that has been with us since the dawn of the first classes in 2000 with NÚCLEO DE YOGA in the city of Campinas.

In our classes we still have students from the first years of the Institute, which is great, since it's easy to bring new things for beginners, but for students with 11 years of practice the challenge is much greater. This keeps us in continuous improvement, trying in the best possible way, to meet the needs of our students at different stages of their lives, thereby enabling themselves to have Yoga as a physical, mental and emotional support .

Our students are able to perform a practice, from a therapeutic rigor perspective, presenting tangible results from the very first class. And the older students being supported by a close supervision of the teacher, are able to have their personal practice safely, doing the correct positions, breathing and even the subtle and fine aspects of concentration. They are always peaceful minded, safe, focused, and willing to go deeper into the process of evolution of their bodies. There is no risk involved as the teacher is always around.

In our classes we work with a rich content of information deeply planned, with a vast range of details, guidance, care, etc.. Such plans are always thoroughly tested before being applied to both schools. So, we ensure that all of our students have access to the same structural and organic stimulus, as well as have their minds properly instructed in the actions and perceptions that the practice entails.

Every class follows a sequence from the previous class, bringing clarity on the flow of the work developed in NUCLEO DE YOGA. Similar themes are addressed in several consecutive plans, so, if one student misses one class, he or she can always have contact with the missed theme which is part of a central content from the different phases of the school.

This approach guarantees the THERAPEUTIC YOGA to all individuals who come to us regardless of age, physical condition or specific need. This system differs from others by the way it is driven, when necessary accessories are used, as blocks and bands, among others, which allow students to match differences and can stimulate vital energy restoring. There is a special care in performing the movements, seeking to lead the student to achieve the best results through a clear and detailed explanation to open paths for energy to circulate; looking for deep alignment which can be compared to the task of cutting one diamond.

We have classes throughout the working week, in groups and individually.

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