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    Our team of teachers is purposely reduced, so that teacher João Mário can not only know his students, but also create with them a bond, enabling the practice to be an experience even more enriching and enjoyable.

João has a major degree in Civil Engineering and has studied and practiced the Iyengar Yoga method, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Swásthya Yoga, Hatha Yoga, different lines of Raja Yoga and areas of Bhakti Yoga. Studied Advaita Vedanta with Gloria Arieira and Vaishnava Vedanta with Swami Purushatraya.

He currently runs NUCLEO DE YOGA Institute and his yoga classes are mainly focused on Hatha Yoga and Iyengar Yoga. He is also a teacher for Yoga Teachers Formation Course, for future yoga teachers, transmitting the knowledge in a simple and dynamic way with joy and love.

João has developed a Program for Prevention and Reduction of Stress being applied to those who enroll in his classes, with relaxation exercises ideal for stressed and tense professionals due to current world's daily routine.


I met YOGA through a medical indication, even though I have always lived following the Eastern philosophy. I confess that I was eager to start a new activity which would be able to help me with my treatment.

I was a patient with Chronic Kidney Disease in terminal Stage and I started Yoga classes with 7% of kidney function, insomnia, itching all over the body and above all stressed by this new phase in my life.

Through regular practice of YOGA, combined with an appropriate food diet I was able, within a period of one month, to make these symptoms disappear completely, and every month I started to get improvement in the results of routine tests referring to my kidney problem, regaining 14% in my kidney function.

By this I gained time before starting the Hemodialysis treatment, enabling the anticipation of the exams of compatibility with my living donor - Eduardo, a friend that became more than a brother for me today.

During this period I thought if my life would go back to normal, if I would ever be able to have a real life. Even drinking water again, which I could no longer do so for being a patient with Chronic Renal Failure in Terminal Stage.

Through kidney transplantation, then, real life would begin again.

By experiencing with high discipline meditation practice, pranayama, asanas, relaxation and specific readings of Yoga I came to the conclusion that these obstacles (health problem) were my real life. This perspective has been helping me to see that there is no path to happiness. Happiness is the path itself! Thus, value every single moment you have.

Today I'm transplanted and continue living, but with more freedom!

Remember: Happiness is a journey, not a destination.

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